Rodney Square Conservancy announces its premier project

On Monday, September 9, 2019, the first ground was broken on the Rodney Square Works Project which aims to renovate and preserve the historic landmark site in downtown Wilmington, Delaware. The groundbreaking was attended by local community leaders, such as Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki and Wilmington City Council President Dr. Hanifa Shabazz, and state leaders such as Governor John Carney and Delaware State Representative Stephanie T. Bolden. We’d like to thank everyone for coming out to see the first step in this exciting journey.

What’s Ahead

Rodney Square Works is a phased public-private project led by the Rodney Square Conservancy (RSC) that involves a $6 to 8 million dollar renovation of Wilmington’s iconic public space in the heart of the city. Some of the major changes coming include new tree planting, restored fountains, overlook terraces and much more!

History of Rodney Square

During the early 1910s, DuPont Company Vice President Pierre S. duPont developed a plan for Rodney Square that would transform the location to unify the entire surrounding area and buildings. The design of the Square was influenced by the “City Beautiful Movement,” an urban planning movement led by architects, landscape architects and civic reformers at the turn of the 20th century to introduce more beauty in the urban landscape, thereby encouraging civic pride and engagement. Construction of the Square began in 1915 and was defined by the equestrian statue of Caesar Rodney created by James E. Kelly.