About the Conservancy


The Rodney Square Conservancy (RSC) began in 2016 as a group of Wilmington residents and local businesses known as Friends of Rodney Square. They shared a commitment to creating a non-profit membership organization that could provide community pride in enhancing the physical condition of the Square and promoting greater use, as well as appreciation of its historic legacy.

Within a year, the group was transformed into the RSC – a non-profit participant representing the private element in a public private partnership with local and state governments. Its purpose remained unchanged – the restoration and improvement of the Square in the interest of civic pride and recognition of this public space as the civic heart of Wilmington.

Today, the RSC is spearheading the Rodney Square Works project, a multi-million dollar renovation that broke ground on September 9, 2019. The multi-phased endeavor will include a major aesthetic and infrastructure overhaul as well as the correction of deferred maintenance issues. Phase One of the project is expected to be completed in early 2020.

Rodney Square Conservancy

Executive Committee
Samira (Sam) Aird
John Ferko
Bill Lenihan
Eric Saul
Board of Directors
Samira Aird
Strategic Marketing Executive
Bank of America
Danielle Andrisani Nowaczyk
Attorney Development Specialist
Richards, Layton & Finger
John Ferko
Chief Operating Officer
Richards, Layton & Finger
Mark Fields
Executive Director
The Grand Opera House
Marty Hageman
Executive Director
Downtown Visions
John Hawkins
Aloysius, Butler & Clark
Herb Inden
Director of Planning & Development
City of Wilmington
Renata Kowalczyk
Managing Director
Wilmington Renaissance Corporation
Lucinda Laird
Event Chair
Delaware Center for Horticulture
William Lenihan
Tevebaugh Architecture
Jamar Rahming
Library Director
Wilmington Public Library
Eric Saul
Chief Financial Officer
Delaware College of Art and Design
Rodney Scott
Library Director
Wilmington Public Library
David Shelton
Sr. VP, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary
The Chemours Company
James Tevebaugh
Tevebaugh Architecture
Ann Wick
Former President, Delaware Center for Horticulture;
The Garden Club of Wilmington
Joe Yacyshyn
Vice President & Manager-Charitable
Contributions and Community Affairs
M&T Bank